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Below you can find our current concert programs. Consort Mirabile is continuously researching new repertoire and developing new interesting programs. If you wish for a custom-made program, with a specific duration, genre, theme, or repertoire, feel free to contact us.

FORTUNA (4 recorders and voices)

The song "Fortuna Desperata» was one of the greatest musical hits of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and was reused and adapted by numerous composers such as Josquin, Isaac and Senfl. ​ New parts were added, new keys were chosen, new texts were written, and many other compositional techniques were used. To continue this Renaissance tradition, we have asked two composers to write a piece based on the same "Fortuna" melody in their ​musical language. Ivana Kis (*1979) and Kilian Deissler (*1989) have created two new and very different “Fortuna” pieces especially for this program.

In this concert program of about 50 minutes, we would like to merge the contemporary pieces and the music of the Renaissance around "Fortuna". We play early music as well as contemporary music on copies of sixteenth century recorders ​ and combine the sound of the recorder consort with one or two singing voices.

You can gain an insight into our concert program under the following link:

O HEAVY TIME (4 recorders and voice)

Time - One voice - Four recorders - And a weight that drags you down - A music and theatre performance about love and loss with music from the past and present.

Anne, a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth I, is drawn by a mysterious force into a void. Trapped somewhere between now and then, she is flooded by memories of a life and time she would rather forget.

Will she conquer Time?

In the performance ‘O Heavy Time’ music and theatre are closely intertwined. Music by Renaissance composers such as John Dowland, William Byrd and Ellis Gibbons are juxtaposed with the haunting work ‘Clockwork game’ by Fulvio Caldini. This piece represents Time itself in all its exasperating consistency, but it also illustrates the cage Anne finds herself in, and the slow deterioration of her sense of reality.

A preview of this program can be find under the following link:



KEEPING UP WITH THE TUDORS (4 recorders and voice)

During the reign of Henry VIII (1509-1547) the English court became a centre of artistic innovation, the king himself was an accomplished musician, author and poet. The famous Henry VIII Manuscript is one of only three song-books surviving from his reign and consists of compositions depicting the lively court atmosphere. The passion for music was inhereted by his daughter Elizabeth I. Her reign (1559-1603) was a crucial time in the development of the consort song, a mainly English tradition which employs the solo voice, or voices, with an instrumental accompaniment by a consort of viols or other instruments like recorders.

In this program you will hear music by Henry VIII, John Dowland, William Byrd and other English masters.


IL FESTINO IN BARCA (4 recorders and voice)

Welcome to the boat of Consort Mirabile: you will travel in perillious waters with five fierce travellers! You will encounter a troubled couple and party for their reconciliation, you will be enchanted by beautiful lands and driven away by war, up until the final destination!

A Renaissance pastiche for the delight of young and old, with music by Adriano Banchieri and his contemporaries.

Under the following link you can find an video recording of a live performance of this program during the VI Festival Internacional de Musica de Pianton (Spain).





The different aspects of love: from Christian devotion to carnal lust, from the refined

chanson to the rustic villanella. An exploration of the most intense of human emotions with music by Orlando di Lasso and some of his French contemporaries.

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